Privacy Policy

Privacy policy (Oberman Groep BV)

In this privacy policy, we describe how we handle the data you submit to us as responsibly as possible.

1. Storage of data

We only store personal data necessary for the performance of our services and proper functioning of the website. This is data you provide yourself, such as name and e-mail address, the text of messages you send, and further information related to your progress, such as courses you have completed and the pages from which you have sent messages. To prevent abuse, we may also store IP addresses, e.g. of the computer you use to send messages.

2. Data sharing

We do not share personal data with external parties, only when we are required to do so by law.

3. Data protection

We do our utmost to protect your data as much as possible, including by storing passwords encrypted and using a secure connection (SSL).

4. Deletion of data

You can ask us to delete your data at any time. In most cases, we will then delete your entire account.

5. Cookies

We do not store tracking cookies, which track your surfing behaviour, only functional cookies – and then only when you activate them yourself to save your login name and password on your computer. And we use (permission-free) analytical cookies using Google Analytics.

6. Privacy officer

The privacy officer of Qlarify (Oberman Groep) is Roy van de Graaf, who can be reached at Nieuwendammerdijk 297A, 1025 LM Amsterdam.

In the event of any differences or differences in meaning between the Dutch text and the English translation of this privacy statement, the Dutch text shall prevail.